Ocala, FL - Galena, OH


   Foxridge Zaffire


         Year of birth:        2011


        Gender:               Mare


        Color:                  Gray


        Breed:                 German Warmblood


        Extra:                  Zaffire is an incredibly sweet and reliable young

                                   hunter.  With a bomb proof attitude well beyond

                                   her years, she would make a great partner for a

                                   young rider looking to move up with her. Zaffire

                                   is very calm and confident in the ring, and

                                   places well in the green hunter divisions.


                                   Zaffire has auto lead changes and has been

                                   showing up to 3'3" with ease. She is great with

                                   many different types of riders and her

                                   affectionate attitude makes her a barn favorite

                                   in no time.


Foxridge Farms

Ocala, FL & Galena, OH